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The advantages and disadvantages Of Being A joint venture partner With Empower Network

Empower Network is gaining interest and most facebook marketers were talking about it recently. So, what's Empower Network? What are the Benefits and drawbacks to be an Affiliate with Empower Network? These are the questions I am going to answer here. For more information you can check out an official Empower Network review on Google.

To begin with, Empower Network is a blogging community with successful online marketers. David Sharpe and David Wood are the men behind this community and also the best thing which makes this network popular - 100% Commissions. Unlike what many think, it is not MLM but rather, a unique opportunity to learn and earn. Yes, they teach members about blogging and how to simplify it. That’s not every; they further teach how you can integrate network marketing and referral marketing with blogging to gain more profits through high traffic and conversion. When members refer others, they get 100% commission on referrals!

After going through the official Empower Network review I have found some essential things. Now, let's have a look at the pros and cons of being an affiliate with Empower Network.


• 100% Commission, with recurring affiliate commission with residual revenue from passed-up sales. So, even when an individual pays $25 for joining the website, it can be earned back with one referral. Likewise, even with one referral every month, they can break even.
• Get paid to your bank directly and also have ultimate control on payment schedules. Members have ultimate control around the payment gateway and decide when they have to withdraw their commissions.
• Simple income generating method. The membership gives them access to a top blogging service and internet marketing success training. Besides, they get commissions for each referral.
• Excellent leadership and minimal investment. An investment is often as low as $25.
• Relatively new idea.
• The training and blogging platform offered for members is worth over $25! The training is offered by leading marketers. While the training is useful, the blogging platform provides an chance to post content. Above all, members are able to earn referral commissions.
• Unlike other paid sites where despite paying not all submissions are approved, here, you can post your articles and forget about rejections.
• Possibility to start making money immediately.


• You need to pay the membership fee to begin earning. In other words, only as a member you are able to refer others and earn commissions.
• Limited or restricted blogging system. While it is excellent income generating tool for novices, experts could find it restrictive. From the theme, members have no control.
• For now though a new method, chances are it will get cramped soon. People who plunge at this time are the ones who definitely are benefited.
• Owing to many people plunging set for the opportunity, many need to wait after make payment on membership fee, before they get setup. Even after paying the membership fee, it takes time to get the membership setup. This is because many are joining and the waiting list is increasing.
• For now, you will find problems with international membership and they're working towards fixing the same.

Empower Network is growing quickly and many are joining every day. If you are yet to join, it's the ideal time for you to join and obtain started. We recommend you do your research and read an official Empower Network review prior to getting started.

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